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The next 6 months

After the first 6 months are up, we'll adjust your dentures and take new impressions, as your gums change constantly. After an additional 6 months pass by, we'll give you a completely new set of dentures.

  • Flippers

  • Acrylic

  • Mid-line partials

  • Metal

All our services come with a FREE consultation. Additionally, if you're unable to pay for your entire service upfront, you can pay half the cost on the first visit, and then pay the rest upon completion! Come see The Denture Lady in La Grande, OR.

SAVE up to 50% OFF regular denture prices by using our lab.

We care about giving you the perfect smile

If you're thinking about getting dentures for the first time and have questions, you have no need to worry! We'll quell all your fears instantly! We have 11 years' experience and our services are GUARANTEED!

Information to remember for first-time users

If you're about to become a denture user, there are a few things we want you to know. Come see us two weeks before your teeth get pulled out. We'll take impressions and give you a temporary set of dentures. After your procedure, we recommend that you come see us, off and on for 6 months.

Dentures we specialize

FREE consultations

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