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We're always looking to SAVE you money

We want to help you SAVE money. We do this by offering up to 50% OFF your regular denture price when you use our independent lab. Please call for pricing. We have 11 years of experience for your convenience.

  • Acrylic

  • Flippers

  • Metal (both metal and acrylic)

  • Mid-line

Your first consultation with us will always be FREE! Whether you need just a few teeth filled in or a full set of dentures, we can do it all! We GUARANTEE all our services and our in-house lab is second to none!

SAVE up to 50% OFF the regular denture price by using our lab.

Get all your partial denture needs here

If you don't need a full set of teeth, we offer a few different partials to fill in the gaps! We can make most partials in our lab, but some may need to be sent to our out-of-house lab.

Get the perfect partial for you

No matter how many teeth you need filled, The Denture Lady, located in

La Grande, OR, is here to give you those perfect pearly whites! All our services are affordable and we offer a flexible payment plan that'll allow you to pay half upfront and half when the service is completed!

Partials we'll work on

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