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Get your reline done right away

In almost all cases, your reline service can be completed in one day. Relining takes roughly 4 to 5 hours. If what you require is more extensive, we may have to keep your dentures overnight. Call us and feel free to ask us any questions!


     Full Dentures


     Partial Dentures with Metal Framework


When you work with us, you'll receive a FREE consultation! With 13 years of experience, The Denture Lady in La Grande, OR, will make sure you're completely happy with your service. Getting your beautiful smile back is just a phone call away!

We're highly trained in the Staub Cranial System of Denture Design.

Sometimes all you need is a simple reline

Are your dentures not fitting you properly anymore? A possible solution to that problem would be to get them relined!

How does relining work?

Relining aims to re-fit your existing dentures to your gums. There are only a couple of steps in this process. First, we'll take a new impression of your gums with the existing dentures in place. Then, we'll reline your dentures with acrylic materials, which will give you a more comfortable fit!

Dentures we can reline

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